Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles Falsely Used to Promote Crypto Scam

Texas’ securities watchdog has issued an emergency cease-and-desist order to a purported cryptocurrency investment scheme that it says tried to dupe investors with fake endorsements from high-profile individuals.

Among other alleged failings, Houston-based Wind Wide Coin is said to have fabricated client profiles using images of public figures including actress Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles and former Finland prime minister Matti Vanhanen to gain attention for its products.

One detail provided in the Texas State Security Board order further gives the effort a somewhat ridiculous air, with the agency stating that the scheme gave alternative names to the purported clients, labeling Jennifer Aniston as “Kate Jennifer” and Prince Charles as “Mark Robert.”

The order accuses the firm and three individuals of claiming to be licensed in the state, when in fact that was not the case; of selling unregistered securities; of misleading investors with fraudulent claims and withholding information.